Did you miss: assessing partners, subscription models, video, supply path optimization and ads.txt survey results


A reminder for those going to DMEXCO: Schedule a meeting with us and follow our tips to make the most of your time at the event.

We’ve followed up to last week’s discussion about assessing partners with a blog post outlining three things you should do based on feedback we got from some of our top publishers.

This week saw multiple articles about publishers looking to subscription models for additional revenue. Not a solution for everyone, but exclusive content only available to your most loyal audience may be in your future.

The IAB US launched an extensive guide to video that covers a lot of ground.

Another industry term to learn: supply path optimization. Learn how buyers are changing how they buy programmatically and it’s potential impact on publishers.

Ads.txt is important, but according to this survey, not enough publishers are adopting it. If you need help, here’s our guide to ads.txt implementation.

What did we miss that would benefit the rest of the community?


Thanks, Rob!

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who has a subscription site or membership model. I’ve seen a lot of membership sites offering exclusive video or educational content to readers, but only in the past year or two it seems that subscription models for content sites are picking up. We used to pay to get newspapers delivered to our front door, so it makes sense to start charging for the same service online! I’d be curious to know what readership response was like if anyone here has switched to a subscription model!

Re: ads.txt - there were some good questions/concerns brought up in this thread about adopting ads.txt. I wonder if this is the reason not enough publishers are adopting it, and if there’s anything we can do as a publishing community to start addressing some of those concerns.