Did You Miss: Ad Blocking, Supply Side Optimization, Fighting Bots, and ads.txt


Another perspective on ad blocking: German publishers are on the front lines of fighting back against ad blockers and have been experimenting with various strategies. “The only regret we have is that we didn’t start it two years earlier,” said Stefan Betzold, managing director of Bild. Read more about their efforts, and also be sure to check out recommendations from Sovrn’s own Jack Downey on ad blocker monetization.

Not only do we have EU legislation to consider (GDPR), but the proposed Honesty Ad Act could have an impact on publishers in the US and make them responsible for monitoring every advertiser who spends more than $500.

The buy-side tactic of Supply Side Optimization continues. Publishers need to know the potential impact.

Purch outlines several strategies they use to protect against bots, malware and content scraping.

We’ve shared a number of articles about ads.txt and written our own how-to guide. More recently its been noted that fraudsters will shift their focus to sites without ads.txt, increasing the chance of people spoofing your inventory if you are not on the ads.txt train!

Speaking of ads.txt, what’s the proper pronounciation? We checked with the inventor of ads.txt on his preference.

What did we miss that would benefit the rest of the community?


Just saw this article on advertisers trying to take advantage of the switch to ads.txt. Something to keep an eye on and, as the article says, “don’t add someone to an Ads.txt file if you haven’t been working with them already”


Thanks @Kayla_Kurin! I saw that article as well. Great advice! Is everyone getting approached by non-partners to get listed in their ads.txt?