Did You Miss: Ad Blocking, Sandboxing, Data Leakage and making reports easier to work with


Google Chrome Starts Ad Blocking on 2/15. Read What You Should Do!

15th February is an important date - Google Chrome (77% of the browser market) starts ad-blocking automatically - read our advice on what to do. Google is also going to turn up the heat on slow mobile sites. Make sure speed isn’t costing your business!

Industry News and Updates
In this Huffington Post piece, Jack Downey, Vice President at Sovrn Labs provides a strategic view for publishers in the age of ad blocking. Andy Evans, CMO also shares his thoughts in this opinion piece recently published in What’s New in Publishing.

On the more tactical side, AdMonsters investigated if sandboxing can help defeat redirects.

We’ve recommended in the past that publishers should buy their own inventory to discover if their inventory is being spoofed. Here’s a quick guide on how to check.

Not concerned about data leakage? You should be. Some buyers are stealing your data. Digiday interviews someone who confesses to doing it.

Not the sexiest initiative, but the IAB is hoping to get people to use the same terminology in reports.Think of the time spent matching up data.


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