Did You Miss: 2018 Predictions, Transforming Programmatic, demand path optimization, ad blocking and more


Sovrn Services: Help for Busy Publishers

Sovrn Services is a full suite of managed ad ops and optimization services to help publishers solve strategic issues and grow their business. We’ll be at CES in Las Vegas Jan. 8-10 to talk about Sovrn Services, so if you’re attending please email us at services@sovrn.com to meet up and learn about our plans to help publishers in 2018!

Industry News and Updates

Tis the season for year-end recaps and predictions for the next year. We suggest this AdExchanger article on the issues that impacted publishers the most. It might help you create a checklist for 2018.

Another look back at 2017, this time focusing on five forces that transformed programmatic auctions and stem at least in part from header bidding.

A very good post about demand path optimization and optimizing your partners.

On February 15, Chrome will begin blocking ads from publishers who regularly run disruptive ad experiences. Visit the Google Search Console to see if your site could be effected.

The above Chrome changes are based on the Better Ads Standards developed by the Coalition for Better Ads (of which Sovrn is a member). Stay tuned as we’ll follow up in the weeks ahead with details on any required preparation.


Google recently announced to its partners a list of vendors that could be hosting files on publisher websites that pose a security risk. At Sovrn, we’ve proactively audited our advertising partners’ vendors and found no issues. That said, we still urge publishers to check for files hosted on their root domains. Read more on how to do this.


You can also explore relevent tips, topics and FAQs for publishers in our Publisher Resources Hub.

If you are having specific publishing issues, please email our support team: publishersupport@sovrn.com.


Thanks for sharing and looking forward to what 2018 brings! I found this article on the better ads experience program an interesting read.


Thanks Kayla. That’s a great article. We’ll definitely be following the impact the Better Ads Experience has for publishers, advertisers and consumers!