Did You Miss: 100% Viewability, Q4, ads.txt, SEO, DMPs, CDPs and more


Is 100% Viewability a Worthwhile Goal?

100% viewability sounds like a good idea, but in reality viewability is a means to an end – and that end is engagement. Read about the pursuit of viewability and then our solution combining viewability with engagement.

Q4 is not the time to worry about Q4, but as we all work to hit our numbers this year, it’s worth reading about some last minute thoughts.

Ads.txt could mean higher CPMs for publishers. Are you on board yet?

Sourcing traffic shouldn’t be your only focus – you want to make sure people find you organically as well. Read about these 12 SEO metrics to measure.

A new week, a new acronym: understand how DMPs and CDPs differ (and why that’ll matter to niche sites).

If you’ve considered paywalls but are looking for new ideas, this article has some interesting ideas.