Are my ads working?


My account was approved for Sovrn, I added the tags to my widget areas in Wordpress. However, it still appears to show Google Ads and so far there’s no data showing for impressions or earnings on Sovrn. Please help!


Hi Christina,

I would love to help you out as best I can!

There are a couple of general fixes that we look into when publishers are having trouble with ads filling on the page. The first step is ensuring that the site is approved within our exchange. If it’s not, no impressions will serve. Your site has been approved so this is not the issue.

The second step is checking the alignment of the tag. If a tag is not properly aligned with our buying partners, they will not receive the inventory requests to actually fill an impression and this is why a zone may have a very low or zero percent fill rate.

If each tag is aligned to demand as it should be, which your tags are, then we generally find implementation to be the main culprit of a zero percent fill rate. Are you currently using a basic text widget for your Sovrn tags? I have copied the link to a quick one-pager on tag implementation within a Wordpress site for your reference.

Sovrn Support


Thank you so much for the response! But, yes I do have plain text widget with the code (see attached image).



Where is that plain text widget located on your site layout? Header, footer, sidebar?



Looks like this conversation didn’t continue, but I’m having the same problem. I put my text in the same way and no add yet. Mine is located on the sidebar on the layout.



Hi @Homesteadnmama,

I just spent some time on your page and can actually see the sovrn ads rendering properly. As sovrn is not a 100% fill solution, an impression will not fire upon every page load, particularly when a reader visits/refreshes the same site multiple times. This makes the reader less valuable to demand partners and they will bid less often for that specific inventory. This is why we highly suggest implementing passback tags into your setup so that no impressions go unfilled.

Feel free to read through the linked article for more information and if you have any further questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out directly at



Hi Anna,

Thanks for the link to add adsense. I attempted to go through the process of creating an adsense account and adding it as a passback, but when I got to the part where I need to add to the html, I’m stumped.

Do I add that into my wordpress page, or into my godaddy page as the host? I tried both, but I’m not locating where I’m supposed to add the code.


Tiffany Welch


Hi @Homesteadnmama,

You actually add the AdSense code into Meridian within the appropriate sovrn tag. By selecting the Tools tab you should see all of your sovrn tags. Click on the green arrow of the tag that you wish to add a passback to. One of the open fields reads Passback Tag. Simply copy and paste the AdSense code here.



Excuse me. But I think you emailed the wrong person.



I do want to use Sovrn for generating funds but this form of contact is
confusing. Can I have a toll free number?


Hi Anna,

I’m still waiting for a response from Adsense to create an account with them. Until then I won’t have an Adsense code to add for a passback. Correct?

But ever since right before my email from you my ad’s haven’t been generating anything, and my Sourn dashboard stopped on Oct 27th. I can’t see any activity since then. Has my account been stopped until I add the Adsense passback?


Tiffany (Homesteadnmama)