Anyone still getting popups?




This is, unfortunately, going on everywhere it seems. Vox had a piece about it today:

From my experience, Sovrn is more than proactive and responsive in helping when these issues arise. Unfortunately, there is no turn key solution to fix this. As publishers, we have to be diligent in reporting the issues so they can stop the offending ads.


Why not to try such experiment at SOVRN platform?

  1. Parse all JS code of any ad, decrypt it and include as is in the ad html
  2. Remove all external scripts of the ad, i.e. ‘< script src=…>’
  3. Deep scan or emulate resulting ad and check it’s safety
  4. Save “clean” redistributed variant in the system cache
  5. Check md5 of raw requested ad and if it matches with a cache, serve clean ad to the publisher site from cache. If not - goto 1