Anyone still getting popups?


My mobile users are still complaining about popups on my site. It’s usually those on iphones.
Anyone else having these issues still?


Hey Thank you for reaching out here on our community. I can help you with that issue.

I got a couple reports that RhythmOne and RockYou are serving redirects. I can remove them from your tags until I receive word that the creative has been fully removed.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Please let me know if the issue persists. I will follow up when I receive word on those blocks. There are still other steps we can take if the issue persists.

Thank you!


We are having this same problem as well on our sites.



Are you having those issues for findagrave or for the rootsweb, or both?

Do you have a picture / redirect URL / Device type / affected URL perhaps?

Both of the redirects that I mentioned in the previous reply have been blocked at the source. If you are still experiencing any issue, please let me know.



No I’m currently not having any issues. Thank you for correcting it


Hey Carly!

Thank you for following up, let us know if we can help further in anyway.



I am seeing a lot of re-directs on my sites too.
So much, that I am pulling all Sovrn code.
I don’t understand why Sovrn would know there are re-directs happening from Rhythm one an d RockYou and not be proactive and remove those demand sources instead of having our users complain to us. I am REALLY dissappointed in Sovrn in not being proactive.



I have contacted your account manager and asked him to reach out to you directly in order to find out more about the bad ads that you are experiencing.

We block at the buyer level for any malicious creative or redirect that we are able to identify and have very stringent ad quality measures in place to prevent such redirects.

Hopefully, we can address this issue quickly and identify the offender when we speak further via email.



Interesting piece from earlier in the week on this topic from Wired:

I haven’t had any issues recently and have found that when I have in the past, Sovrn has always been helpful in fixing the issues in a timely manner. It’s a significant challenge for the industry.


We get reports of pop ups on mobile almost daily. Here’s the screenshot and link from the most recent pop up I received.


Make sure to get the IP address you are using to browse and send that along with the full URL to your account rep or the support email. That’s typically the best way to get these issues resolved, I’ve found.


We are getting popups daily as well.


Yes, we are getting popups on mobile, mostly for things like winning $1000 Amazon gift cards and the users can’t close the ads. We’re getting a lot of complaints.


Yeah the unclosable Free Gift Card seems to be the most popular popup we get


More examples of popups. We believe we’ve narrowed it down to the 300x250 ad space and will be removing Sovern from our ad stack asap. These screenshots were sent to us from a reader.




Thank you for reaching out to the Community Hub concerning these redirects. I understand how frustrating these can be and we are here to assist you in tracking down these unwanted creatives. Some information which can help us is the IP address, device type, and time of the redirect. If you have not already please reach out to for more support.


The ad tags you are running for mobile is also helpful.


getting them here…