Anyone getting popups/redirects again?


I am having my users on Facebook saying they are getting these 2 types of spam when trying to load articles from our site. Since this has been an issue in the past with Sovrn I wanted to see if anyone else was having issues.


Another one.


I have been getting redirect errors for the past week. I’ve disabled most of the sovrn ads due to it causing a load on site speed and the general spamminess. Chrome was catching most of the redirect errors and disabling flash.


Mine just started on Sunday but has slowly been getting worse. It is so hard to see what my user sees since I have a droid phone and it only seems to be happening on iphone.


Hi Michael,

If you have any new information to report, please pass it along to Andrew our bad ad specialist, as he has been working this with you for a while now and would like to continue the process.

Thank you!



If you have any information regarding bad ads you are experiencing, please contact support here:

We would love to go over your case with you directly in order to find the culprit, whether it is sovrn or another party.

Thank you!


Hey guys, I had this problem for months, but was able to solve it, thanks to an anti-malware company that scanned the site.

This company found that Rubicon is responsible. So, I contacted every ad network I work with and asked them to block them from serving Rubicon ads, and it worked. I haven’t had anyone complain about this since.


We’ve just started to see redirects, on both desktop and mobile this morning.

The redirects started at roughly 8am Central Time on Sunday May 14th.

These redirects send folks through a series of URLs before stopping at a final destination URL giving them a fake message prompting them to install some type of software/app.

The initial URL they are redirected to is:

Stuff like this has been coming through on weekends over the las t weeks irregularly. Super irritating and pisses off readers. I can’t believe any major ad agencies still allow redirect ads into their inventories. This entire category should be banned.


I am still struggling as well. Between Sovrn’s popups and then issues with
The guys at sovrn have been trying to work with me to find out where they are coming but my users are still complaining.


We have identified the sources of the redirects from this weekend and they have been removed from our inventory. That being said, during our investigation we have seen the majority of these malicious ads coming from passbacks and other networks. As stated before, please email us at and we will be more than happy to help determine the source of your redirects.