Another weekend another set of popups/malware


Anyone else having issues with Sovrn again this weekend? My mobile users are getting these popups. Funny how these things always seem to happen on the weekend.

Already have a ticket in with support and emailed them as well.

Just what I need to be doing on the weekends is tracking down where the popups are coming from and removing them from all of my sites…


Hey Chip,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Andrew, who you spoke with in your support email, has narrowed the issue down to the responsible demand partners.

Anyone who is still having issues, we should be able to fix the problem by removing those partners until the creatives are blocked. Thank you for being proactive and sending us the screenshot. We appreciate your patience while we combat these redirects.



Hey Chip,

Just wanted to update you:

After researching the increase of mobile redirects served to our publisher community, we identified four partners implicated in reports from Charles Proxy and The Media Trust for serving redirects over the past week. Given our zero tolerance policy for these types of ads we’ve completely disabled those partners’ ability to serve ads to mobile devices until they confirm the problematic campaigns have been completely deactivated.

We are dedicated to stomping out these bad forms of ads from our network. Thank you to those who notified us to eradicate this issue.



Well I tried again a few moments ago and the second I add your ad code back to the site I get the same 2 redirects. One to and then a 2nd redirect to

Is there no way your ad network can turn off any type of popup or redirect without a click by a user? All of these issues complete an action without any sort of call or action from the user.



Unfortunately, the solutions that we do offer and blocks that we do have in place did not catch this batch of redirects due to some trickery within the creatives. While the measures that we take are not always going to catch everything, we are working on all fronts to be sure that we take care of this ASAP and improve our ability to do so in the future more effectively. We will update you when we hear back from the parties involved. Thank you for your continued patience while we deal with this issue.




Can you confirm for sure that the redirect ads have been totally removed from the network and are no longer an issue? I would like to add the Sovrn ads back to my site but not until I am sure this has been taken care of.