AMA with SpanishDict and PubNation Chris Cummings, CEO and Mike Miller, Dir. of Analytics & Rev


We haven’t seen much of an impact from translations being read aloud so far. For people that are translating many words and phrases, voice is often slower than using a computer or phone. We also aim to differentiate by providing far more in-depth translations, examples, conjugations, phrases, pronunciations, and other tools to help people use the language correctly, which is hard to get from the voice interface.

Google’s addition of showing it’s own translation results has had a negative impact on portions of our traffic. When Google treated its own sites on an equal playing field, we generally outranked them. Now that they automatically put their own answers at the top for many queries, regardless of quality, we’ve seen a drop in some of those queries among people looking for quick translations. Fortunately, we’ve been able to grow in other areas where this is less of an issue.


Hi Jose,

We have been talking about this a lot. The beginning of a new semester is always a chance for us to gain new customers that will come to the site a lot, so we often have product deadlines for those dates. Regarding ads, we haven’t developed any specific strategies yet, but header bidding is much better at responding to swings in traffic compared to a traditional waterfall setup.


Hi Ian - we haven’t published on Instant Articles yet, as most of our content is reference related, rather than news articles. We may look into this in the future. If you have any experience with it, we’d love to know how it’s gone for you.


Great answer thanks. We know a site that’s been crippled thanks to Google Cards but they’re doing simple conversions. As you say, you’re often going beyond that.

Quick follow up, how much extra workload has going the header bidding route caused you? I’ve heard you have to be a lot more active adjusting than a traditional method.


Hi jhgerlach,

Our primary strategy is to create amazing content that extends areas where we are already strong, and then to cross-promote it.

I think it’d be great if Sovrn were able to filter ads at the source based on their impact on the page. For example, I’d like to eliminate ads that consume too much CPU and make it janky while a user to scrolls down the page.


Mike and our engineers are working closely every week on new initiatives to improve our header bidding setup. This is much different than in the past when we only had to login to DFP and make a few adjustments. So the workload is much higher, but the ROI is still outstanding.


Thanks to everyone for the great discussion and to SOVRN for hosting us! We enjoyed it!


Thank you @chris and @mike.v.miller for sharing your knowledge and successes with this community!


Thank you, Chris. A light weight demand alignment for publishers is something that we are actively looking into. I think it is an awesome idea as well. I appreciate the input!


Doest it approve to sub domain or not ?