Ads.txt on blogspot


Guys, you are really testing my patience here. I have been a client for MANY YEARS.

All of a sudden my earnings go to ZERO because I don’t have an ads.txt file.

HOW DO I ADD ON A BLOGSPOT BLOG? This is a Google site where I do major traffic, but have no FTP access.

I’m very, very unhappy with you guys.


Try this?


Hello Doug,

While there are some demand partners currently decisioning spend based on ads.txt, it is by no means fully adopted on the buy side and is not likely the reason why impressions stopped serving on your blogspot page, if they stopped serving completely. I will be glad to help you troubleshoot this issue. There is no username associated with this email, so I unfortunately was not able to reference your account for further info.

Can you provide your username so I can look into this further? Feel free to message me directly.

@brady.moritz Thanks for the relevant info, that is very helpful for anyone using Blogger who wants more info regarding their ads.txt or monetization.



Thanks, that was very helpful!


Hi, my user name is “directorblue” … I have added ads.txt to my blogspot and non-blogspot sites.

I am still seeing zero revenue!

Please advise, otherwise I have to change provdiers. Thx


Hey Doug,

We apologize for this inconvenience! After looking a little deeper into the situation, I have confirmed that your ads.txt is not the reason for your ads not serving. I have identified the specific reason and will reach out to you directly with the details.