Ads.txt and declining fill rate and cpm



Just implemented the ads.txt protocol on all my sites in response to recent Sovrn article recommending it.

Noticed in October both cpm and fill rates of Sovrn placements have declined. Have others seen the same?

Wonder if lack of ads.txt is one cause?


its not cause by ads.txt. Give Sovrn some time , hopefully fill rate and cpm will be up. I know their staff are thinner now than last year.


1-3% fill rate here. The Malware was the final straw. Had to give up on them after years of trying to see any decent yield. Seriously, they are not laying people off because they know what they are doing. Too many other solid AD networks to diddle with them.


Hi @roscoetrails,

Ads.TXT is still a new concept industry-wide and one that we are working hard to help our publishers adopt. At this point in time, your Ads.TXT set up should not have a noticeable impact on your revenue and overall earnings because it is still in the ‘roll-out’ phase. As the procedure continues to take hold, however, buyers will be able to more easily identify the Authorized Digital Sellers for publishers, allowing brands to have confidence that they are buying authentic publisher inventory, hopefully increasing overall earnings. The revenue loss will come from the lack of Ads.TXT documentation.

If you would like individual assistance with your account performance, please reach out to us directly at and we would love to help!



I am so frustrated right now with Sovrn. I’ve seen fill rates, CPM, and revenue hit new lows. I used to earn about $2,000 per month and now down to $500. I’m almost at my last straw.


I’ve been with Sovrn for a long time. They were my first non-Adsense Ad Network. I like their commitment to education in the blog and hosting this community. So it pains me to see fill rates, CPM, and revenue tank as I don’t want to replace them with a new partner. And yes, I also have seen overall revenue from all providers sucking compared to the old days.

Compared to the past, I am also having more ads per page just to partially make up for the lost revenue. That ads more clutter and slows down load time. Wonder if anyone here has experimented with reducing ad code/page and seeing if revenue per page actually goes up?


Hi @roscoetrails and @MetsMerized,

Thank you, both for sharing your thoughts and we apologize for any performance inconveniences that you have experienced as of late. Any further feedback is always greatly appreciated! Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly at

I have reached out to your Account Manager and he will be in contact with you shortly. We would love to help further optimize your performance!



While the declining CPM’s and income from SOVRN is a saddening to me as it to everyone else, at least I see I am not alone here so there is some comfort in seeing the "suckage"in performance across the board. I thought it had something to do with the restructuring of how the accounts are being handled with the largest publishers (according to their scale) getting the best deals and the rest left with the scraps, because looking at performance and income that’s what it reeks of. Not sure how that inspires me to give them more of my impressions which they always seem to ask for. Not ready to just up and leave, been here too long, but will definitely adjust where they sit in grand scheme of things Any ad network can perform in November in December.