Ads on Amp Pages


I was getting ready to implement Google’s Amp Pages on my site to try to drive more traffic when I discovered it might be hard to monetize. Right now, you can use Prebid.js with amp pages, but apparently some upcoming changes from Google will break this in a month (details:

So if I can’t use Prebid, I’m not sure how to monetize my amp pages. Is anyone using amp? What’s your monetization strategy?


Hey Alex!

That is an awesome question. Right now sovrn is in the midst of some internal testing to verify the compatibility of our tags with AMP optimized pages.

As soon as we have verified compatibility we will be looking to release a publisher guide for implementation with AMP, specific to sovrn.

With regards to coming up with a new monetization strategy once those upcoming changes take effect, I will do some digging and talk to a couple of colleagues and see what we can find out. I will follow up accordingly.

If you would like to discuss further or in more detail I would be glad to reach out directly. We are currently looking to test in a few environments, if you have an AMP optimized test page you would like to contribute for that purpose, please let us know!

Ad Operations


Hey Jordan,

I do have some amp pages we can test with. I actually just built them. I have them in stealth mode right now because I don’t want them to steal traffic from my regular pages until I figure out how to monetize them.


Hi Alex!

That would be great if you could help us test! We will reach out to you by email with more details about the integration.

Ted Rand


We found that AdSense works surprisingly well on AMP for us. We’ve got 1 sticky bottom floating unit, and 3 in-text ad units. Revenue is comparable to Prebid.js on mobile. However, I’ve heard from other publishers that AMP is generating less for them. Might be worth a try though.