Ads are not displaying in Blogger


I am new to sovrn and I just created 2 new Ad Tags and i have pasted it in my blog which is on Blogger platform. I just created 728x90 ad unit, i didn’t do anything with the Configuration part ie, CPM Floor Price and Passback Tag etc . Ads are not displaying…


Hi, I am wondering if you have received an email regarding your site’s approval status?

Ads will not serve until the site has been whitelisted in our system.

To check the status of a site approval, or to ask about any other implementation roadblocks, please reach out to


Hi Techmobs,

Thank you for reaching out. I was able to find the account and site that you submitted. Ted was correct, the site you submitted was not approved due to having employed pop up redirect ads that are against our ad quality rules.

Please follow up with Publisher Support if you would like to request more information.



I have removed the pop-up ads and I wish to continue with sovrn. What should I do next…


Hey Techmobs,

We received your email via our support channel and will follow up with you directly with an email. Thanks again for joining the conversation.



Here is a quick resource outlining our site approval guidelines. Thanks!


Is there something I need to do to keep my sovrn adds running?



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Hey Tanya,

Are you asking about whether your site still passes our review criteria? Or, Are you currently experiencing issues with your ad tags? Can you tell me more about what issue you are experiencing? I am glad to help.

Though, I am not finding a username with your email associated. Maybe you can message me your username or reach out to in order for me to help you further.