Ads are not always displaying


Ads are not displaying, they just comes sometimes and majority of the time they are just blank. Now I have placed 4 ad units one Leaderboard and two within the posts only and one in the sidebar. I could find may requests like 1000 and more but just 4-5 impressions. Why is it so? Please help mo to figure this out.

I also found that the requests are more and the fill out percent is too low, it’s like 1-2% that’s too low. Why is it soo?


Hey! I just looked into your account. It looks like you may have created these ad tags before your site was approved. Due to this, we simply need to go back and properly align these tags to the appropriate campaigns. I submitted a request to do so, and will respond here with confirmation when they are fully set up.

Once aligned properly, you should see fill rate and overall tag performance improve significantly.



That appears to be exactly what was going on. I have since aligned the tags with demand and they should work properly.



Thanks, JP. I am still a bit confused on how to navigate this program.


Even today the ads are having just 1-2% fill rates. No ads are been displayed…



Thanks for following up. It appears that your site is no longer passing all of our criteria to serve ads. Unfortunately, due to your site not passing one of our built in evaluation tools, ads are not being served to your page. If you would like to follow up and receive more information you can message me directly via this forum or you can email me at



@marisa.griggs1 What is the issue you are encountering? Can I help you with something? Feel free to reply or message me directly if you need. Thanks!