Ad Blocking: How is it impacting you?


Hi - How is ad blocking impacting your site? What strategies and tactics are you using to address ad blocking?


Tracked a few months ago. Was anywhere between 10-15%. Some of our ads aren’t actually blocked because they’re on whitelists - Outbrain is a good example.

We’ve been considering putting donate banners up for those who adblock but that seems a bit tacky, could go the patreon route but that also implies desperation to a degree.


We’re wading into the blocked web; If you think this is just about Ad Blocking, you’re missing the point. Read the post here.


Our findings is about the same as Kasey, 10-15% of site readers are using adblock.

We are working with several companies that specifically serve ads to those that are using adblock and have had very good success recouping the revenue.

The down side is that the ads are usually native and more graphic in nature.


I’m seeing around 35% ad block users across all sites who visit from desktop. While on mobile (smartphone and tablet) it is only about 1%.
I bypass it somewhat with affiliate ads which I can run direct.


Various industry reports say that ad blocking has essentially plateaued. Is that what everyone is seeing at a site level?