A Special Did You Miss: ads.txt and ads.cert and ads.txt plus



Because of the response to the newsletter, we specifically wanted to call attention to the question of the difference between ads.txt and ads.cert. and ads.txt plus. I wrote an article to be published early next week [I’ll post when ready] on my thoughts about all of this, but would love to hear your thoughts as well as your questions and by all means post information about these initiatives to the forum for all to see.


I’m having trouble adding my ads.txt file into my website… can you help me?


Hi, I am taking a look at the site now and it looks like you are using WordPress, correct?

Can you give this plugin a shot, https://wordpress.org/plugins/ads-txt/, and see if works for you? You’re also welcome to send this inquiry to publishersupport@sovrn.com.


Hey Skinnerhollowphotogr,

I am messaging you directly in order to share an ads.txt implementation guide that should give you the steps and information you need to implement it successfully. If anyone else would like to have this guide sent over, please reply and I will follow up promptly!



I could use the ads.txt implementation guide.

Ellen Brodsky


Hey Ellen!

I am messaging you the ads.txt implementation guide, now. Thanks for reaching out!